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Infrared Dryer

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IRT 3-2 PcD

These are the standard dryers for all types of workshops. They are mostly used for small to medium-sized repairs and for primers, but have sufficient output to cure all kinds of paint materials.

  • One (3 kW) or two (6 kW) cassettes depending on desired drying surface
  • Unique possibilities to position the cassettes
  • Gold-coated Free From reflectors for optimal heat distribution
  • Computerized curing process
  • Electronic distance sensor
  • Very easy to use
  • 12 preset and 3 custom programs
  • Can cure all paint materials
  • Smart stand design
  • Efficient particle filter on the cassettes
  • Powerful ventilation that cools the cassette and increases lamp life
  • Maximum cassette height 2,250 mm (horizontal), 2,550 mm (vertical)